The Sailor

William Sheldon Martin has done it all in terms of sailing, ocean racing, match racing, fleet racing, and team racing. William Sheldon Martin is no stranger to boats, with experience on various vessels, Captain Martin has familiarized himself with a multitude of aquatic activities at a professional level. William Sheldon Martin sets the standard on and off the water in terms of boating, sailing, and water activities.

William Sheldon Martin grew up sailing dinghies in Riverton, New Jersey. He began his collegiate sailing career at Boston University and went on to finish in the top ten in two college national championships. Upon graduating, Captain Martin began logging miles on the ocean, and his enthusiasm for ocean racing led him to accompany the top professionals in the industry on large keel boats with international destinations.

William Sheldon Martin pursues his passion for teaching aspiring sailors in the top ranked varsity sailing program in the United States, George Washington University Sailing Team. His passion for teaching sailors led him to accept the offer from Universal Language Productions LLC to host an informative and fun syndicated television series for sailors and water enthusiasts. The Boating With Billy Show is scheduled to air in 2017 on ULP TV.

Billy Martin does it all! Whether it is ocean racing, fleeting racing, match racing, team racing, paddleboarding, paddle-surfing, kayaking, fishing, crabbing, traditional surfing, windsurfing, foiling, or kiteboarding, if it involves water, and it is fun, Billy Martin is there! William Sheldon Martin is the ultimate waterman!